A Day Out With Amber

Top – Vintage, Skirt – Primark

Bralet – Topshop, Shorts – Vintage Lee (via Beyond Retro)

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Amber and spending a few hours walking around the Shoreditch/Brick Lane area, snapping against colourful backdrops with a few of my favourite outfits. [...]

I ♥ Unicorns

Not very long ago any colour brighter than a muted grey, salmon pink, or beige (ahem, some aren’t really even colours) would not be found in my wardrobe. As this outfit shows however, I’ve come a very long way from that! There’s something about a bright pop of colour that [...]

Cats & Dogs

“Are you a cat or a dog person?” is an important question. It seems that these days there are “Cat Camps” and “Dog Camps”, with heated discussions and lengthy explanations for why cats are so much better than dogs (“they’re so independent!”) or why dogs are definitely the winner (“you can’t buy [...]