Carousel In The Trees

After too many days of wind and rain, I finally saw the sun shining today, and it didn’t take me long to don my new favourite tee by Vintage Style Me and head to the park. The second I saw this collection of t-shirts on Rhiannon’s website, it was pretty much love at first sight. I know that this print will soon have friends in my drawer, as I’ve already got my sights set on another animal print and a couple of the dresses on the website. You can build your own pocket print tee as well, so if the ones already made don’t tickle your fancy you can make it entirely bespoke!

I’m wearing an outfit mainly bought for me by Daryl, for a man he’s got the best eye for women’s clothes, which suits me just fine! I’m certain there will be more rain and cold to come and this textured skirt is very warm, and very stretchy too (for the coming hibernation-level food intake). I’m so looking forward to my layered-up wardrobe and wearing this berry hat at every opportunity! Knee-high socks are the perfect autumnal accompaniment to legs that just don’t feel like being hidden under tights just yet, which I’m sure will happen very soon..! xx

Carousel horse pocket tee – c/o Vintage Style Me, Skirt, hat & socks gifted,  Shoes – Brighton boutique, Bag – eBay, Jacket – Mums’


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