Butterflies at Buckingham Palace

Contrary to the title of this post, I was not a nervous wreck upon seeing Buckingham Palace. But, I was wearing a butterfly blouse and did go to an exhibition with Carrie at the Queen’s Gallery, called In Fine Style. While I am a huge lover of history, I can’t say that I analysed the paintings and scrutinised the information like everyone else at the exhibition seemed to do! Maybe it was being in the company of Carrie that made me prefer silliness, giggling over how curled women’s hair was and the size of men’s noses! Sometimes it’s good to ponder life’s smaller (and certainly goofier) questions, that leave you feeling happier, and leave the seriousness to another time…! Unintentionally I matched my entire outfit; all that was missing was a white bag although I’m sure I’ll get my hands on one soon! Sometimes being a tourist in your hometown is a lot of fun, but I don’t think I quite had it in me to travel to another London landmark that day. Sitting in the sun in Green Park is as far as I’ll go after visiting the Palace!

P.S. I’m flying to Italy first thing tomorrow morning (taking a 5AM train to Gatwick Airport on my own..eeek!), so if you’re partial to snippets of italian food and views- who isn’t?- then follow me over on Instagram where I plan to snap the prettiest sights and hopefully the largest jar of Nutella I can find, wish me luck! x

Butterfly Blouse – Ever Ours, Dungarees – Karma Clothing, Shoes – Nelly, Watch – Tommy Hilfiger, Hair Pins – Claire’s 

Thank you Carrie for taking my pictures!

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