Bunnies & Bows


Sometimes the simplest of things make me happiest; matching items of clothing by having the same starting letter is one of them (you might have seen my Instavid a few days ago!). But honestly, I couldn’t think of a more suitable bag for this collar & bow dress than one with bunny ears that my lovely friend Lucy gave me on my birthday. And after a brief love affair with jeans and tees, I’m well and truly back in to my long-term (and happy) marriage to blouses, pinafores and playful skirts. And with the return of Downton Abbey, I have a feeling I’ll also be looking for inspiration in places like this, dreaming of owning a pony and maybe a mini mansion someday… For the time-being, I’ll stick to swishy dresses and indulging in a midi-skirt or two!

I don’t know about you but there’s something romantic about the colder months, and channelling a little ’20s mixed in with ’60s (that’s polo necks, drop waist dresses, you know the drill) couldn’t feel more romantic and ladylike to me. Walking around in this dress makes me feel a bit like a princess (especially on a particularly breezy day when you have no choice but to swish around in the wind), and I love the contrasting soft colours with the black bow. If colder weather to me means more romantic outfits and lots of swishing around, well, here’s to colder weather! x

Dress – Sample Sale (unknown) , Bag – ASOS, Shoes – ASOS

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