Brighton Pier

Yesterday, I went down to Brighton to sort a few things for the house I’ll be living in for my final year at university. We’ve been graced with another round of lovely weather, and as the sun was setting on our beautiful meal at Las Iguanas, it was just the right time to go for a walk along the coast. And of course, we ended up on Brighton Pier! With all its’ lights and attractions, I don’t think I could handle being on there long, especially not after the huge meal I had just had! So a quick walk around and a game of air hockey in the arcade was pretty much all the fun that was had, which was plenty for me.

I wore a Sugarhill Boutique dress, one I purchased at the outlet shop in Brighton, a must if you’re ever there shopping, their stock is cute and cheap! We spent the rest of the evening playing scrabble on Daryl’s phone..which I have never, ever played before. I don’t think the iPhone version was the best first-play introduction for me, I was getting quite frustrated..but I’ve promised to give the actual board game a chance, soon!

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