Brighton: How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways…(Pt.2)

This dress and heels combination makes me feel very girly and happy! It’s the kind of dress I’d wear with knee-high socks and boots during the day, and even with a jumper on top for a skirted look only. The cutout back isn’t exactly suited to the colder weather, but the long sleeves and heavy material makes up for it! And as walking around soon transitioned into a little evening in town, the heels gave the dress the right touch as the sun went down…

Without making you think living in Brighton is all about food and shopping (well, it kind of is), it’s safe to say that a trip to Brighton isn’t a trip to Brighton at all if you don’t head to Snooper’s Paradise. Located in the north laine, the turnstile entry paves the way for a huge dose of vintage; cameras, clothes, vinyl, old telephones, watches, old stranger’s photos…you name it, Snooper’s got it! You can most certainly spend a few hours snoopin’ around in there ; ). After wondering the lanes and working up an appetite, it wasn’t long before I found an excuse to stop for my favourite sweet-treat…

Cocoa is a café I’ve written about before but feel like it’s my duty to always mention when talking about Brighton. With a Parisian-painted backdrop, sitting in there always feels like the perfect escape. Not to mention, their wonderful selection of French macarons, tarts and pastries…! I even picked a macaron in the same colour as my velvet dress; talk about matchy-matchy! xx

Dress – ASOS, Shoes – ASOS

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