Brighton: How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways…(Pt.1)

Leopard Print Top – ASOS, Skirt – ASOS, Socks – ASOS, Boots – ASOS, Bag – Vintage

Forgive the use of an opening line from Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s romantic poem to her loved one, but I really love Brighton. ASOS recently got in touch asking me to be their student representative there to share my top ten favourite places across town for their student project. Limiting myself to just ten has proven to be tricky, but it’s made me realise where my ultimate favourites are, and I think sharing those with you is the least I can do! So, over the next couple of weeks, you’ll be seeing my outfit photos scattered with a little bit of Brighton here and there, and I hope that’s okay with you!

The snaps above of Catwalk Cakes‘ window front will match my recent Instagram posts of their interior, but you’ll be fooled in thinking all Brighton has to offer are cute tearooms…

If you go to eat anywhere in Brighton, remember La Choza! La Choza is a tiny street food Mexican place on the corner by the North Laine (the first authentic Mexican place in Brighton I’m told!), and its decor alone is worth a visit! But aside from the pink walls, decorated skulls and flower-adorned everything, it’s the food that had me feeling the blues immediately after I’d finished eating. Burritos are ‘my thing’, and they have vegetarian and vegan options, served in a wrap so big you can just about pick it up! The staff are lovely and being the most colourful place I’ve ever been in, it’s also somewhere where I’m sure happiness is made!

The Pavilion Gardens is quite the opposite; traditional, with Brighton Pavilion’s pillared and historic building in the background. Even though it’s getting colder, I spotted quite a few people having picnics or reading in the park! All in all, my day spent sipping tea, followed by the world’s best burrito (my opinion but basically fact) and a walk in Pavilion Gardens to work that burrito off (as if), was pretty perfect! Oh Brighton.. I really do love you.

P.S. Speaking of cold, my turtleneck crop top and thigh-high socks didn’t do as much as I thought to keep me warm; I’ll be needing something a little toastier, like one of these cashmere jumpers, because it’s starting to feel more like winter! Has someone pressed the fast forward button on autumn? Boo! xx

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