Body Personal

Swimsuit & Hat – c/o Beach Cafe

Having looked at just how much flesh I’ve got on show in these photos, you might not believe me when I tell you it took a huge amount of deliberation in my head about whether or not I should write this post (I almost deleted the entire thing three times). But I rarely get very personal on here and I think this one’s quite important…

I tend to shy away from answering questions like ‘What’s the least favourite part of your body?’ because while I don’t like it to show, in reality I have more insecurities than I can count on my two (unevenly skin-toned) hands. From I-cant-actually-help-it things like having broad shoulders, to my calves, waist, (lack of) derriere etc etc etc. When I was younger (and a little chubby) these thoughts had me obsessed with my weight and how I looked to everyone else, and there’s a part of me that will always check calories and tell myself to do more ‘waist-tightening’ exercises (yes they exist) to get that constantly-striving-for hourglass figure.

But, I don’t let myself get hung up on any of it (not even the small waist one, which is a biggie). Why? Because I’m, *deep breath* really, truly, genuinely okay with my body. Yes, it is SO not my idea of perfect, but it is mine, all mine. And there’s something about the fact that this is the body I’ve had and will have for the rest of my life- unless body copying becomes a thing in the future and I can try out Kim K’s bootylicious figure- that makes me appreciate it, all of it. So even though my body isn’t curve-perfect with the right amount of cleavage, I’m okay with it because, simply put, it’s my body! And hey, whether you like it or not, that’s what I’ve got : ). x

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