The Smock Dress

Somehow I’ve managed to avoid wearing a smock dress all year, even though I’ve spotted numerous ones that took my fancy! I suppose good things come to those who wait, because Vintage Style Me‘s new collection of autumn smocks is beautiful; this bird print is in a lovely faded green colour, and the material is heavy and perfect for the cold! I’m more than a little bit in love with it, and have a feeling its floatyness will be much appreciated around Christmastime ; ). My trusty Zara hat wins for racking up the most amount of compliments when I wear it; if clothes had thoughts and feelings this hat would be pretty smug with itself!

My hat also made for a little shelter when the weather was toying with the idea of raining, but luckily hanging out with Kristabel, Kim & Hayley didn’t mean we were walking for too long (you can’t stand between a girl and a cupcake!). Walking around Borough Market for the first time was a real treat (mainly for my nose) with all the tasty food stalls, but the four of us ended up munching on sweet treats before calling it a day on our mini hangout. Perfect afternoon! x

Dress – c/o Vintage Style Me, Bag – eBay, Hat – Zara, Boots – Topshop

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