Beauty: Everyday Essentials+


As this is my first beauty post, I thought it would be good to start with one centred around my everyday essentials, plus a few recently acquired new favourites that add an extra perk. The most important thing about my routine is the application of eyeliner; I’ve been using my trusty Rimmel liquid liner for years! As you can see, I hold my eyelid down and pull the corner of my eyelid along, so that I can get the smoothest line possible! I then make a triangular flick upwards once I reach the end of my eye, that I fill in. It’s really a case of practice, but sometimes I can’t control the type of flick, thickness and length of my liner some days! I always put mascara on my bottom lashes, but never the top, as the thickness of my liner usually means you couldn’t tell whether I had mascara on or not..!


I recently tried out No.7’s Match Made service, because even though I’ve been using foundation all through my teenage years, I’d never felt like I found one that matched perfectly. But, the Stay Perfect foundation in Honey is spot on; I even convinced my sister to get herself ‘match made’ the same day! I used to always apply the foundation with my fingers, but working with a brush feels a lot cleaner and I think I’m getting through less than I used to before.

Cheeks & Extras

Shu Uemura’s eye palette, available at Selfridges, is one of the recently acquired products that I’ve found myself turning to time and time again. The gold eyeshadow works perfectly for the inside of my eyes, and along with the light pink shadow that I put on my eyelids, they perk my eyes up a huge amount, especially when I’m always wearing black eyeliner! I use Rimmel’s Natural Bronzer in Sun Glow to give an all-over glow, and Shu Uemura’s blush for a more cheeky rose-coloured look!


The last touch is a subtle orange-coral coloured lip, also from Shu Uemura. It’s got enough colour in there to stand out without feeling like you’ve put an offensively bright colour on for the daytime. When I prefer something a little more neutral, MAC’s ‘Half n Half’ is my go-to favourite!

Having been quite nervous about sharing this post with you, I hope this has demystified my ‘makeup routine’ a little to anyone who was curious! Do forgive me for my amateur beauty post attempt…but everyone starts somewhere, right? : ) x

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