Antlers & Pleats

Bow bracelet – Urban Outfitters

Top – JUJU

Skirt – Love

Ring – Topshop

(none of which I can find to still be available, apologies!)

I’ve been away from posting for a week, and I wish I could say it was because I went on holiday and have come back with a sun-kissed tan and beautiful photos! Unfortunately, it’s down to working 6 days straight and not making the most of my time management..lesson learned! I’m back with a little outfit post, from yesterday’s post-work evening. Finally! The top is one of my favourites,  from a little shop in Brighton called JUJU, which was actually featured as the first shop to be re-vamped on “Mary Queen of Shops” program on the BBC (bit of trivia for you!).  There’s something about the entire deer family that I really adore (my blog header and name certainly gives that away), and who can refuse to buy this beautiful deer poking his head out of the grassy wilderness?!

My birthday is next week, and as it’s my 21st, I’ve planned a few days out and won’t be going anywhere without my Canon! Even though I’m working the following days, I have a dip-dye jumper and denim shorts to get to work on, so watch this space! xx


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