A Village Walk

If you, like me, have been graced with the beautiful English weather of late, you can appreciate my eagerness to wear something summery (AKA light colours, clogs, sunglasses). It almost felt like I overdid it when I placed the floral headband as a hair tie round my bun, but then I looked out the window and thought what the heck, I’m an all or nothing kinda gal! This beautiful weather has also allowed me to explore where I live in far greater detail than a rainy day would have allowed. Carshalton Village is by no means your quiet-where-is-everyone kind of village, but it still holds some of the remnants of its former countryside self. There were ducks galore wherever I went; one even got out of the water for a walk right beside me!

If you’ve already spotted the slightly unusual cropped tee with its back slit, I’m pleased! It’s made by Veryan, a brand dedicated to creating fashion ethically and sustainably. This is something I have a lot of time for; nowadays it isn’t enough to make something, it’s making it last that means a lot. If you agree, I really hope you have a click on through to Veryan’s site, I’ve been told there are big things happening for its Autumn/Winter collection, and I for one am counting the days! For now though, Veryan is stocking this top in a few other colours as well. Check out her blog for more up-to-date news. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen how this day ended; with an obligatory coffee-and-cake sit down treat.. Gosh, posing for photos and walking in the sunshine is a tiresome task don’t you know! ; ) x

Top – Veryan, Skirt – Miss Selfridge, Clogs – Free People, Sunglasses – ASOS, Bag – Beyond Retro (vintage), Lipstick – Topshop

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