A Mountain View

With such wonderful views from the little village I’m staying in, I couldn’t not share one or two with you! It’s very quiet round here, certainly a million miles away from London, the hustle and bustle of the tube and the word ‘pollution’. But there are lots of smiles and lots of ‘Buongiornio!’ whenever we walk into the centre, as my uncle knows practically everyone in this village, having lived here for decades and the village having a population of a mere few thousand! It’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea to be surrounded by such tranquil life, but knowing I have a lot of un-tranquil things to return to in London (like getting a job…) is making me really appreciate the remoteness of it all!

I also spotted a friendly gentleman taking flowers back home and instantly wished that I saw more people in London carrying flowers home with smiles on their faces. But then again, everything moves a lot slower here; there is time to dedicate to doing the little things. Whenever I go on holiday (they are increasingly few and far between) I always get inspired and forget immediately once I’m back home about what it is that I wanted to change. But, judging by the crash course in Italian cooking from my aunt and uncle, I’m neither short on inspiration nor motivation to make my own Italian dishes back home; tiramisu I’m looking at you! x

P.S. The winner of my Stylight giveaway is Laura Redburn! It was a random pick, and I wish I could have said all of the names who entered as winners because I liked every board created!

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