A Little Creasin’ Means A Lotta Lovin’

Top – American Apparel, Shorts – Topshop, Boots – Miista, Bag – Vintage

What started off as a pretty matchy-matchy looking ensemble with the aim of showing you just how matchy – from black boots to red lips – ended up with me looking like the grim reaper of rain and trying to rekindle my 13 year-old-goth days (having an older brother = anything he was into I instantly was too) than attempting outfit photos! Nevertheless, I’ve been wanting to wear my beautiful Miista boots for ages, and since I bagged it in one of their super duper tweet-to-discount extravaganzas some time in August, they’ve been itching to be worn! You might not believe this, but they were originally £165, and I bought them for……£6!! Yep, just £1 more than a fiver…a sixer, if you like.

Everything I’m wearing is pretty much a killer-reduced item, and it makes me realise just how good it is to impulse buy sometimes – self justification aside – because sometimes if you leave it too late, things like a pair of once-£165 boots will never be yours, I think that’s called clever spending. In my final year at university I think I’ve just got to mastering this art. My shorts were from a Topshop sale last winter, and I love the leather panel at the back and cosy material; I guess you can see just how much I love it by how creased it is, something I didn’t really realise would come up quite so pronounced in photos! The top is from American Apparel, another sale item  (clever spending) from the beginning of summer which just goes to show, a little foresight goes a long way! x

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