A Favourites Special

What I’m trying to do is slowly introduce all of my favourite things, and this one’s packed full! Animal print is an absolute favourite, I know that it’s not always done “right” (subjective!) but I think it has an ever changeable, versatile look. I picked this crop tee from Topshop, and if you read my last post, it’s from that same shopping trip! For only £5 it would be criminal not to *self justification*. This outfit was picked based on the crop top, so forgive me if it’s a tad on the simple side, but less is more, right? My skirt is from American Apparel, the “circle” skirt, and definitely my favourite! I’ve only just nabbed the shoes, vintage, with a slight granny/pyjama slippers/Alexa Chung feel to it. That trio makes a pretty good vibe for me, and I adore them! Not sure what the emblem in gold is, but that just adds to its’ mystery. The doctors’ bag is from Urban Outfitters, an old birthday special, whenever I use it I’m reminded of how much I love it’s solid structure and beautiful detail.

So, a post packed to the brim of favourites! Do you have any favourite items? I’m certain I couldn’t construct daily outfits without my circle skirt (and of course, my favourite fox and stone ring!). Snapped a shot of that bengal cat on her daily mouse hunt too, she’s pretty much my inspiration!

P.S Happy August! I hope the month has started off wonderfully for you


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