A DIY & A Feature (or Two!)

Trying my hand at DIY has never got me very far- last summer, I became so obsessed with dying the perfect pair of shorts a beautiful olive colour that everything I owned or saw in the shops just didn’t capture my imagination enough to get me to see it through. I’ve still got the olive green dye at home! Maybe this summer, following this Boohoo DIY job, I’ll get back to it! But for now, there’s really nothing easier than this DIY, because I did it myself and I tend not to be so good at fiddly jobs. All it took was sticking on a bunch of beautiful coloured gems, kindly sent to me by Boohoo (along with the slouchy tee I used). I opted for an embellished shoulder look, because I liked the way the gems seemed to dazzle in the sunlight, and we’re certainly hoping for plenty of sun this summer! There wasn’t much need for a step-by-step, as it was so easy, although I did use a ruler to line up the triangle of space on both shoulders to ensure I didn’t get carried away..! The embellishment was finished off with filling in the spaces with glitter pens so that the entire shoulder was more or less covered in gems and glitter. For me it adds a little something to an otherwise plain tee, and it’s easy enough that the success of it can maybe get you thinking of other plain things to adorn! When I think of festivals I always imagine everyone looking happy in glitter and sparkly things, so this tee would fit right in! I aim to wear it with my new high-waisted black jeans and, when the weather is appropriate, denim shorts!

…And I’m also in two magazines this month! A year ago I hadn’t even started my blog, and if anything these past few weeks has made me happy it’s spotting my face in a magazine! Being in Company magazine was particularly exciting, from being on a shoot itself, to the makeup, the dress and seeing the final edit. I know it’s not the most spectacular news, but every good thing should be celebrated! You also might remember my Barbour post and video, surrounding their new Dress Tartan Collection, and The Simple Things have featured us four bloggers in their magazine! They’re also running a competition alongside their Barbour feature, to give £1000 worth of ‘His and Hers’ Barbour clothing from their Dress Tartan Collection. If you enter, good luck!

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