A Day Out With Kitty

Last week I spent the day with Kitty on a little adventure to the Natural History Museum and her family’s lovely abode in Surrey. The photo series on Kitty’s website, which you can view here, “Velvet Eyes”, is a lot more like a storybook, and I urge you to have a full look if this little snippet has teased you! I’m sure you are well aware of the wonders of Kitty and her camera, so there isn’t much more that I can add except to reiterate how magical she is! I’m not one to like most photos of myself, but even I can confess that her photo-series, from the mood to the lighting and colours, is wonderful. I’m very grateful to have been the ‘model’! The quiet intimacy of the entire album resonates well with me; I’m no wild thing, and I definitely love a wander round a museum and curling up on a sofa more than your average gal! If you do have a look, I’d love to know what you think, and if you haven’t seen any of Kitty’s work before, I’m so very happy to introduce you to her! xx

All photos taken by Kitty Gallanaugh! x

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