60s Dress

The need I felt to share this lovely 60s dress has outweighed everything else, and as I edited these photos I quickly realised just how bad it is shooting when the sun is going down..! It only felt natural to take photos at this time, as I wore this dress to drinks in the evening for my birthday, but lesson learned!  I had been looking for weeks for that dress, putting silly pressure to find something super-nice, with it being my birthday and all. Everything I liked seemed to cost a ridiculous price and would never get to me in time for my birthday, until I found this pretty dress on eBay! I’m not usually a fan of a high neck, with the small chest I’ve got I usually end up looking very boyish, but I couldn’t resist the colour and the pleated skirt on this. Originally an ASOS dress that sold out, at a very justifiable price it was all systems go!

If you’ve had a look at my Instagram account, you’ll see a recent gift from Vintage Style Me that I’ll soon be posting about. If you’ve not heard of the the online shop, or the lovely lady Rhiannon behind it, you should! There’ll be more to come about my cute animal tee very soon. And to all the new followers following Carrie’s latest blog post, hello lovely new readers!! xx


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