Casual In Monochrome

With my recent flurry of ultra-girly colours and outfits, a monochrome outfit (with trainers!) like this one might seem a little out of place. But with working five days a week I’ve started leaning towards more ‘casual’ outfits and have embraced wearing jeans a lot more than I used to- plus […]

Burgundy Twosie

Sometimes when you put an outfit on everything feels so right that you end up looking in the mirror thinking ‘Oh, I actually look how I think I look in my head!’. Whenever that thought pops up it’s usually after a glass of wine (it can be a great self-championing device) […]

Hey Bambi

I can be my own cliché sometimes; this outfit features an unsurprisingly typical choice of t-shirt. But hey, I do love deer! The minute I spotted this t-shirt on the New In section of ASOS it was placed in my Saved List on automatic. I love the pastel mint colour and […]