Maybe because Christmas to me is all about being at home, in comfort and in the (often hectic) presence of family, I thought I’d show a little corner of my room and the things that make me happiest when I’m at home. From ‘collecting’ teapots (anything with an animal on please send my way) […]

Busy Bee

Things have been getting a little hectic over in camp Dearest Deer recently, as I’ve been rushed off my feet starting to prep for Christmas dinner for a total of 14 family members come Wednesday, eek! But never mind that all too looming reality for now… So with increasingly less time […]

Sparkles In Sugarhill Boutique

Camden Passage

It really is starting to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas! I couldn’t help but snap a few photos while out and about in Camden Passage yesterday; every shop front left me feeling so very warm and festive! I spotted a fair few perfect-present ideas in a number of […]