The Old & The New

It isn’t the right time of year to be having a ‘spring clean’, but I’ve recently been sorting through clothes to make room for recent additions that have been taking up a lot of my lovin’ (read my DUO boots post?). I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve even found items of clothing […]

T-shirt Policy

It might (read: definitely) be because my parents are from the Middle East, that whenever I spot something even slightly Arabic in nature, I’m pretty sure it’s my duty to own it (I didn’t say it made sense..). So hearing from The T-Shirt Policy and their, yep, t-shirts, this one had me at […]

A Hint Of Christmas

Feeling festive doesn’t always mean wearing the most obvious signs of Christmas on you (novelty jumpers I’m looking at you, even if I do own one myself *ahem*) and it’s certainly starting to feel a lot like Christmas in London. This Brit-Stitch bag is in the […]