La Tour Eiffel

So, I promised you a cliché at the end of my last post, and voilà! I’m wearing none other than a beret in front of the Eiffel Tower. But honestly, considering how many years it’s been since my last visit, and how much enjoyment I got […]

Paris, Je T’aime ♥

I’ve always held Paris in the most romantic regard, and last weekend’s visit has only further cemented that. The last time I visited was a Year 10 trip to Disneyland (educational I know), which only included a whirlwind afternoon in the actual city, […]

Brighton: How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways…(Pt.2)

This dress and heels combination makes me feel very girly and happy! It’s the kind of dress I’d wear with knee-high socks and boots during the day, and even with a jumper on top for a skirted look only. The cutout back isn’t […]