Birthday Outfit

On Saturday I turned the ripe old age of 22-not ripe at all but it’s fun to say- and decided what better way to welcome a ‘year older’ than with an outfit featuring two shades of pink? There’s […]

Little Mistress

I know I know, a pencil dress and heels for a walk in the park? Highly unlikely. But living in a little town doesn’t always provide for ample beautiful backdrops – I leave that for London trips! This dress from Little Mistress had me feeling like quite the sassy go-getter the second […]

Summer Trousers

I had originally tucked my top in to my trousers when I left the house (you might have seen a little Instavid of that!) but upon sitting down for a coffee & cake with my mum decided, well, I’d like some tummy coverage… Hey, if a girl wants to eat cake, she’ll eat cake!