Cut Out Girls


You’re never too old to emulate a ‘schoolgirl’ look, and I just couldn’t help myself when I received this beautiful pink bag! Handmade by the lovely Carla and Libby of Cut Out Girls, it’s made of waterproof cotton with reclaimed leather straps, and couldn’t be more up my street; sourced and made in […]

Dark Florals & Ripped Jeans

With yesterday being the first official day of autumn, I decided it was time to dip in to a ‘dark floral’ trend that’s been popping up in the high street. While I’ve never been the biggest fan of floral prints, I’ve definitely taken to these prints far […]

Vintage Check

If you haven’t been living under a rock, hibernating already, or somehow missed the Autumn/Winter ‘new in’ clothes since August (did someone say Christmas?) you’ll know that all things tartan and check are go go go! Amidst so much of The Same Stuff, it’s nice to be able to […]