Double Denim

Earlier this week I took a trip to London with my mother and sister, starting from Covent Garden and working our way to Trafalgar Square and through to Buckingham Palace. There was no itinerary for the day, but wandering around on a beautiful day in London can’t really […]


1) Shirt – Ptarmigan, 2) Leather Skirt – New Look, 3) Pierre Petit Watch – Chrono24 4) Lipstick – Topshop , 5) Fluffy Jumper – Topshop, 6) Fountain Pens – Nonesuch Things, 7) Jil Sander Glasses – My Optique, 8) Bag – Mulberry, 9) Nude Patent Heels – New Look, 10) Black Tassel Loafers […]

Hold On To Your Hat

It might not look so picturesque to you, but the minute I stepped out of Bethnal Green station I spotted this pretty little street to take photos on; a street I probably would never have looked at twice if I was simply walking to my destination! It’s when I do […]