Dreaming: Summer Dresses


(1 – Miss Selfridge, 2 – Topshop, 3 – Temperley, 4 – Miss Selfridge, 5 – ASOS, 6 – Topshop, 7 – ASOS, 8 – Topshop)

Maxi and midi dresses have always been a type of clothing I haven’t been 100% sold on. I know it’s a girl’s best friend when […]

Orange Crush

Owing to not having any particularly obvious “natural assets”- you know what I mean-, my go-to outfit is something that tends to flatter my legs, meaning short skirts and super-tight trousers are two huge musts in my wardrobe! I don’t have the best legs by any means, but making […]

Toughen Up

Peeking over the last few posts of mine, I surprised myself by how feminine and delicate my outfit choices were becoming and decided it was time to ‘toughen up’. Well, not really. I can still wear this leather trousers, tough boots & rucksack combo knowing full well that I’m a girl that cries-and […]