Butterflies at Buckingham Palace

Contrary to the title of this post, I was not a nervous wreck upon seeing Buckingham Palace. But, I was wearing a butterfly blouse and did go to an exhibition with Carrie at the Queen’s Gallery, called In Fine Style. While I am a huge lover of history, I can’t […]

Summertime Smart

Something special happens when you discover a place you’ve always walked past and never noticed; it feels like it surely couldn’t have always been there! This is how I felt when I walked past this church near the centre of town. The old stone and the beautiful intricate detailing of it made me feel […]

A Village Walk

If you, like me, have been graced with the beautiful English weather of late, you can appreciate my eagerness to wear something summery (AKA light colours, clogs, sunglasses). It almost felt like I overdid it when I placed the floral headband as a hair tie round my bun, but then […]