What I like AW12: From Catwalk to High Street

I’m quite excited about the coming autumn and winter months, mainly because I think dressing for autumn is my favourite, there’s a lot more you can play around with from different textures to all sorts of layering. With that in mind, I thought I’d take a look back at some AW12 catwalks that I liked, […]

New Shoes, Ponyskin Dreams

Something inside me changes a little whenever I see animal print, especially on shoes, when it gets all the better with ponyskin! It’s just a print that I am endlessly drawn to. I’ve been searching for a pair of boots for so long, that when I stumbled across an eBay auction, with […]

Bench Break

In an attempt to take a breather from the sweltering heat of the midday sun, I decided that sitting down on the hottest bench in the world was surely the best way of doing so.. No wonder I’m squinty and crease-dressed in these photos! So forgive me for that, but I just wanted to […]