#EtsyBloggerSleepover: Day 1

Etsy Brighton Sleepover Dearest Deer Brighton Bandstand Dearest Deer Brighton Outfit Brighton Etsy Craft Seller Etsy Brighton Crafts Dearest Deer Seafront Brighton Etsy Brighton Craft Sellers Dearest Deer Bandstand Outfit

What I Wore: Hat – ASOS, Jacket – Topshop, Top – American Apparel, Skirt – ASOS, Sandals – Vagabond, Bag – Jack Wills

It’s not everyday I get to spend 24 hours in my favourite English city (outside of London, of course!) with a bunch of my favourite human beings. That’s just what Natalie from Etsy UK had planned for us though, and boy was it jam-packed! The idea of the trip was to get to know the Brighton Etsy craft-seller-crew, in none other than the super-cool Lick Yogurt warehouse. Given my recent interest in exploring more ethical brands, it was an inspiring experience to meet craft sellers who loved what they did, set themselves up and made a living out of their passion.

We spent the first day lunching at Silo (they have an incredible zero-waste policy!) and spending the afternoon getting crafty with the sellers. From ‘drawing’ floral dresses, cooing over cute painted cats, to designing our own dinosaur jewellery, it was the most fun I’ve had whilst ‘working’! I also had the pleasure of feeling pretty special at dinner thanks to the chef at New Club (hiya Thomas!) who made me a unique vegan dish that he had clearly thought-through and put effort in.

I left the craft-shop that afternoon fully convinced of the importance of choosing independent labels over high street ones, having met the human beings behind the shops. I’ve popped a full list of all the craft sellers at the bottom of this post, and highly recommend you take a look at each one, if only to see the inspiring work they do- and you might just bag yourself a special gem for yourself too!

Etsy Brighton Lick Office Dearest Deer Brighton Seafront Outfit Dearest Deer Brighton Camel Outfit Outfit Details Designosaur Bracelet Etsy Brighton Sleepover Decor Fashion A Flower Dearest Deer Outfit Details ASOS American Apparel Dearest Deer Etsy Brighton SleepoverThe lovely craft sellers:

i like cats


Georgie St. Clair

In the making

Rock Cakes

Hello Dodo

oh someday

Cat-a-Cake Creations

B millinery


#TheBloggersMarket – We’re Back!

640Hey you! Are you in London next Saturday 22nd August? You might want to shift some plans around to make sure you are, because #TheBloggersMarket is back! If you’ve not heard about it before, it’s essentially 6 hours of shopping the wardrobes and lives of us 5 fashion/lifestyle bloggers; Carrie, Kristabel, LucyOlivia and I.

If you came to our first one in Camden back in January, you’ve got a LOT more to look forward to this time around! We’ll be running a ‘Tweet to Eat’ shop full of tasty treats from Krispy Kreme (there’s talk of being able to win a years worth of doughnuts too); tasties from Yo!Sushi and bottles of Appletiser you can sip on while taking a look around our stalls. There’ll also be a changing room and a few more surprises along the way, so think of it as possibly the most fun you can have whilst shopping on a Saturday!

I’ll be selling loads of different bits and pieces from ASOS, Reiss, Urban Outfitters (to name just a few) in sizes 8/10 and shoe size 5 but there are also plenty of different sizes from the other girls.

There’s more to the day than just shopping though….drop in to get your portrait illustrated by Emma Block and get your make up done by Benefit Cosmetics– pre Saturday night glam perhaps? We’ve also got an extra-special gig from the gorgeous big-things-a’comin new singer Shannon Wardrop– what a packed Saturday!

If you’re looking for a cashpoint, there’s one at Sainsbury’s, 100m before you get to the Hotel. This time around the space we’re in is a little smaller so big apologies in advance if you might end up queueing a little at the door.

Take a look at the Facebook page for all the details and to tell us you’re coming and remember the main point, we’ll be at The Hoxton Holborn hotel, not Shoreditch!

Right that’s enough babbling. See you there in 6 days!


Psst…I’m Alive!

I’m sure no one out there thought I was actually dead, but it has been a very long time since my last post, and you’d be forgiven for thinking I’d packed it all in! I’ve ended up taking a somewhat ‘accidental’ break from blogging, as when I started my new job 5 months I wasn’t quite prepared for how much time and energy it could take to settle and feel like I was giving it 100%.

The ‘break’ has also been the perfect opportunity for me to take a step back from what I’ve been doing with my little space of the internet, and what I would like to do with it from now on. There are so many things I don’t talk about because it has nothing to do with the clothes I’m wearing or where I shot the outfit. But there are things I truly care about and think of every day, and I’d like to give those passions a little airtime every now and again.

Working at Amnesty International has made me want to be more vocal about things I’ve tended to limit to my brain only. But opinions are good! So while you’re sure to be seeing the usual over here- AKA outfits and my fringed face!- you’re also going to (if you still want to) read about some of my biggest passions: feminism, the Middle East, being vegan and human rights.

I’m really excited to finally feel like I can write down what I think; I’ve wanted to do this for a while but never quite felt the confidence to do so. I hope you’ll stick around to hear what I have to say, and, of course, I hope you missed me! ; ) x

Jacket – ASOS, Jumpsuit – ASOS, Sandals – ASOS