The Notting Hill Navy

What I Wore: Jacket – c/o Lola May, Top – New Look via ASOS, Trousers – Mango (similar here), Boots – c/o River Island, Bag – c/o Marc B (similar here)

Contrary to what the title might suggest, I’m not about to join an elite military club in beautiful Notting Hill (though, I would be interested). I finally got the chance to wander around Notting Hill just before the most relaxing afternoon watching Clueless with MINKPINK, and I couldn’t think of a better backdrop for this outfit. When Lola May got in touch to tell me they’d just launched their online shop, I jumped at the chance to feature an item of theirs. One swift browse is most definitely going to have you thinking the same!

Plus, the timing couldn’t be more perfect as I had fallen head-over-mock-croc-boots (ahem) for an electric blue bag by Marc B. Having stuck to my over-used vintage brown bag for far too long, I’m looking forward to making this one a classic for fitting absolutely everything I need in one place. Topped off with my new favourite New Look turtleneck, and the perfect chunky boots, I almost got away with telling myself I looked as chic as a Notting Hill resident… Maybe one day ; ) x

Blue Jeans, White Shirt

This outfit may be my most simple ensemble yet, but it encompasses three of my current loves, and because the mix of wearing a shirt with trainers and jeans isn’t something I tend to go for usually, I figured this easy-as combo was worthy of being talked about! Over the past few months I’ve slowly built up my trainer collection, and the *kindof* splurge on this pair from Adidas is my favourite pair yet. It’s a different take on the original – the shell toe and chunky sole stood out as that bit more interesting than its classic sister.

I even overheard two people on the underground discussing how good a comeback the shell toe on my trainers were – without realising I could hear every word ; ). For a Saturday afternoon spent wandering the pretty streets of Hampstead, it did the trick! Plus, my oversized boyfriend shirt did well hiding the large plate of brunch I had just before these photos were taken…! x

Here’s what I wore…


Nutella Recipes: Banana Crumble

Well, it’s taken me very long to pay homage to one of my all-time favourite things! My love affair with Nutella started several years ago, and I’m pleased to say it’s going as strong as ever (minus the annoyance of recently cold evenings that make Nutella jars un-scoopable). And because my sweet tooth always gravitates towards a dessert with chocolate, it was high time I reflected this on my blog. Every now and then I’ll be posting recipes that use Nutella, in a bid to win over anyone unsure of how versatile Nutella is, to provide new takes on classic non-chocolate recipes and generally be in awe of the wonder that is Nutella. Today, I’ve started quite basic with one of the easiest dishes I’ve ever made…!

You will need:

  • Two and a half ripe bananas
  • 200g Nutella (or *ahem* as much as you deem necessary…)
  • 40g unsalted butter
  • 30g demerara sugar
  • 60g plain/all-purpose flour
  • 20g ground almonds

First up, slice the bananas and scatter them in your heatproof dish. Using a tablespoon, generously spoon out Nutella and spread it all over the bananas, so that you’ve got as even a coverage as possible. FYI, it says 200g in the ingredients but I’m pretty sure I finished a whole jar on this ; ).

Next, put all of the dry ingredients in one big bowl, and get physical! Making crumble mixture couldn’t be more simple; rub the ingredients together through your fingers as if you’re sifting through sand to find something. All of the butter should have mixed through properly by the time you’re done. Put this on top of the banana-Nutella already in the dish, and hey presto! Your crumble is ready for the oven.

The recipe says to leave it for 15-20 minutes, or until the top looks nice and golden, and that’s all there is! I plan on making these recipes with Nutella as easy as possible, simply because my current lifestyle means I’ve rarely got more than an hour free at home on the weekends. Let me know if there’s a specific recipe you’d like to see, simplified or just simply with Nutella added in! x